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Sex Talks

With the popularity of films and literotica such as Mills & Boon and “Fifty Shades of Grey”, sex is becoming a topic which is more openly discussed today. With the newer generation often breaking past many of the previous traditions and beliefs, it is no long simply an act conducted for the production of offspring. In fact, it is now a word synonymous with pleasure.


sex talks

As young people indulge in it more frequently, many educators have arisen to the need for proper sexual education. Compared to just ten years ago, much more is spoken about sex and its various intimate details. As people realize that they will not always be able to stall premarital sex, the importance is now being placed on the practice of safe sex instead.

There was a time when premarital sex could have you ostracized from society. Sex itself was considered to be the responsibility of a couple only for propagation, and any pleasure derived from this act was thought to be sinful. In fact, sexual affairs outside of marriage have led to some men being castrated or even couples being stoned to death!
While barbaric practices associated with the pleasures derived from sex continue even today in some third world countries, the topic has become less taboo in the western world.

Being an act associated with pleasure, it is not uncommon for youths to indulge in it even before they are ready to take up the responsibility of commitment and children. With the increase in teenage pregnancies, sexual education classes have become a common practice. While there are various medical procedures which can be employed to prevent pregnancies, another danger has risen in the world of sex. Unprotected sex has often led to the spread of various STDs, some curable, some not. AIDS being a major concern, youths are warned about this beforehand. Some schools even encourage the distribution of free condoms to help reduce this threat.
The motto has now become: If you can’t stop them, protect them.

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Various taboo practices of the past have been broken today. Ranging from talks of menstruation to sex, all these are more openly discussed to spread better understanding. Common religious myths are dispelled, the concept of ‘impurity’ has been done away with to encourage a more open awareness about the concept.

With the change in times, the image of sex has also changed. Sex is used to portray relationships. It is an intimate act, and with the increase in discussions of the same, other issues have come to light as well. Topics that were rarely spoken of, including marital rape, sexual abuse and molestation, have all come to light. As society has advanced through time, becoming more civilized, these hideous acts are finally realized for what they are – utterly wrong. No longer are rape victims forced to marry the rapists, but are instead given the power to convict such a person with prison time.
Speaking about sex has allowed many young people, women in particular, to gain a voice of their own. They are no longer cowering under the shame of blame, but are in fact able to hold their heads up high. It has been the more frequent discussion of this topic by schools, media, and even families, that has made sex a less taboo topic today. The people at Eve escorts for one think thats a good thing