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I was turned down by a private club in London

I love taking the girls from Bexley escorts in London out for a night out, but sometimes it is hard to find a nice club in London to take them top. Most clubs in London are very overcrowded and I like to spend personal time with my girls from Bexley escorts, so I normally try to find a little bit more of stylish place. That is sometimes easier said than done, so I decided to check out some private clubs in London. Little did I know that it was going to be such a nightmare.

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Most private clubs in London like to vet you and while I can understand that, I think that many of the go completely over the top. One of the clubs that I applied to in London even wanted to see my bank statements for the last two years, and I was not really happy with that. Why should I give them access to go over my financial records in such details. I found it very strange so I said no to that particular private club in London.

Then I checked out another club in West London. It offered fine dining so I thought that I could bring my girls from Bexley escorts and some of my business associates as well. I set up a meeting with the club secretary but to my surprise, I was not again happy with the terms and conditions. This club insisted on me spending a certain amount of food and drink every month as well as paying a very high membership fee. It made me wonder what was going on so I decided to check them out financially. Low and behold, the credit agency told me not to touch them with a barge pole.

The last club which I thought would be ideal for myself, the girls from Bexley escorts and my business associates, would not have me. Apparently unless you had been to one of the best public schools in the country, you could not be a member. Since I am a bit of a self made man, and not a former public school boy, I was turned down. Well, I think that I have made more money than most public school boys, and I left the club laughing. Sure, its name had a nice ring to it, but the club was not the place for me. A bit too posh perhaps, or like the girls from Bexley escorts would say, very fake.

If you are looking for private clubs in London, it might be a good idea to stay away from central and West London. Don’t presume that all of the best clubs in London are located centrally. If you are looking for a private club in London today, you may want to look a little bit further east. In recent years, east London has come a long way, and I am pretty sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for in east London. You are after all looking for somewhere where both you and your friends can have some fun.


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